Welcome to the Pack !!

06 Oct 2021

General Information

Welcome to the Pack!

Below you will find important information about your new puppy

Food and Water:

  • Purina Pro Plan Performance 30/20 High Protein Dog Food is what we feed all dogs.
  • Each puppy will go home with enough of this food to transition onto the food of your choice. The easiest way to switch them is by adding your food to the provided food to ensure minimal tummy upset. Example: 1st-3rd day at home, add 25% new food to 75% provided food, 3rd – 5th day 50% new& 50% provided, 6-8th day 25% old & 75% new food. Typically, by the 12th day their bodies have adjusted to the new food.
  • Because all the puppies are fed together, I don’t know exactly how much each puppy eats. Start with 1/3 cup of food morning and night.
  • Due to all the puppies being fed together, there is competition to eat. If you find that they aren’t excited about eating, puppies love it if you add a little water to the dry food to soften the kibble. They think it’s a treat!
  • Tummy upset or diarrhea is normal when a transition occurs. If you find that puppy is having major belly upset , try adding a ½ tablespoon of pumpkin puree to their food morning and night. Pumpkin helps bind